Deguide – How it works

  A DeGuide step by step manual/workflow
for parallellism when inserting implants

  1. In order to obtain a full accuracy of the distance to the next tooth as well as the correct position to the alveolar bone the guide drill must be used to drill the first hole. (pic1)
  2. Using the guide pin to accommodate the direction for the antagonist in opposing jaw.
    If adjustment is needed this can be done in the next step. (pic2)
  3. Choose the De Guide block you need (6.9 or 7.5)  and drill in the bone using the 2.0mm drill 8-12mm to make sure its straight against the antagonist.
  4. Use a Guide pin for control (pic3)
  5. Free hand drill with 2.5 mm drill.
  6. Free hand drill until the first implant is set
  7. Assemble the De Guide Block with the pin suitable to your implant system.
  8. Verify the desired distance by using the 2.0mm drill in the guide hole for placement of implant no 2. (pic4, pic5)
     pic 5
  9. Repeat step 5 – 7
  10. Your 2 parallel implants are now in place
  11. Repeat step 5-7 for additional implant placements until the final implant is in place.